25. Oktober 2016

Arzler Alm Trail

Here are some pictures from our video shoot in Innsbruck.
It will be a little edit for the promotion of the new Arzler Alm Trail. It was a cooperation with S'GEILSTE and Innsbruck City. The tourism association will drop it in spring 2017.
So stay tuned!

Pictures (c) Markus Tonak

5. September 2016

3 - Countries Enduro Trip

Past week we visited Nauders at the Reschen lake in Tirol.
In cooperation with Klaus Listl - Freezing Motions we took some wicket shots.
The pictures and a short story will be published in bike magazines so stay tuned :)
Thanks to the team at Nauders Tourism for the great support!

15. August 2016

DH Biketest Bikesport Mag

I testet the new DH-bikes for 2017 with the Bikesport Magazin crew.
Check out the reviews and some nice shots in the Bikepark special.

19. Juni 2016

Now bikeseason is on

Bikeseason startet with some nice enduro rides :)

4. Mai 2016

Over and out 15/16

Skiseason 2015/16 come to an end.
Here some nice shots from the last days.

1. März 2016

Georgia 2016

Beginning of Februar we startet our 18 days trip through Georgia.
Our trip report was published in skiing magazines and lokal newspaper.
And check out the stunning pictures from Freezing Motions.
!  Big THANKS to snow.ge who supportet us so well  !
Klick for the reports:


1. Februar 2016

ISPO winner 2016

Pyua won the ISPO AWARD in  Munich. And I am touring on the first page.
(c) Freezing Motions